Are you worrying as your Spirit flight is delayed? You need not. If there is a delay in your flight, the airline handles the matter smartly. It even provides you with Spirit flight delay compensation to make up for your flight ticket fares.

As the airline understands that flight delays are an inseparable part of your journey, it has come up with a thoughtful flight delay compensation policy. Knowing how unexpected schedule changes can affect your travel plans, the policy covers you in the best way possible. So, don’t be discouraged from taking a trip if a flight is delayed.

Simply abide by the policy and rules, and you will be good to go. So, take a look at the flight delay compensation highlights with Spirit Airlines.

What is Spirit Flight Delay Compensation Policy?

You were all set to travel with your flight on Spirit Airlines and reached the airport in time, only to learn that your flight is delayed or worse, canceled. Now what? Here comes the Spirit Airlines flight delay compensation policy that informs you about your rights and things to remember to be on the safer side.

Let’s look at the policy highlights - 

  • Know the flight delay cause, whether it was controllable or non-controllable as it will dictate your compensation.
  • As per the Spirit Flight Delay Compensation Policy, you can get up to 600. The amount doesn’t depend on the ticket fare.
  • The compensation amount depends on factors such as the duration of the delay and flight distance.
  • In case of an overnight delay, Spirit will arrange accommodation for you. However, it doesn’t assure complimentary ground transportation to your hotel.
  • If you accept vouchers or sign release paperwork, you will not get any flight delay compensation.
  • Spirit won’t rebook your flight on another airline.
  • You will get a flight delay compensation by Spirit when its flights are -
    • Delayed - By a minimum of 3 hours
    • Overbooked - You are denied boarding because of overbooking
    • Canceled - By the airline and informed you in less than 14 days before its scheduled departure
    • Missed - The flight delay made you miss your connecting flight in one of the legs causing you to reach your destination late by more than 3 hours
  • You won’t get any flight delay compensation in either of the following circumstances - 
    • Bad weather
    • Airport related disruption

How to Claim a Spirit Compensation for a Delayed Flight?

To raise a request to get a Spirit delayed flight compensation, provide the details of your flight that is delayed with the airline. The airline will find out if you qualify for the compensation. And if you are found eligible for the same, Spirit will also calculator the amount for compensation. Usually, you get your compensation in 2-3 months.

For further assistance regarding your Spirit compensation for delayed flight, get in touch with a customer service executive at 1-855-728-3555 or +1-856-545-5988.

Please note

If your Spirit flight was delayed, canceled, or overbooked within the last 3 years, the compensation amount for which you are eligible is up to $670 (600).

How Much is the Spirit Airlines Flight Delay Compensation?

Now you are through with the policy of flight delay compensation that Spirit airline has designed. Although, you can get a maximum of  400 as your compensation, let’s look at how much is the Spirit Airlines flight delay compensation in different cases.


All flights within 1,500 km get up to 250 per person

Internal flights

More than 1,500 km are provided up to 400 per person

Non-internal EU flights

Between 1,500 - 3,500 km are given a maximum amount of 400 per person

International flights

Over 3,500 km get up to 600 per person

Therefore, when you reach the airport in time to catch your flight as per your Spirit airlines reservations but the flight delay disrupts your travel plans, don’t worry. The airline understands your requirements and takes care of those pretty well. Also, you get compensation for flight delays so that you don’t have to suffer. Thanks to the smartly devised spirit airlines flight delay compensation policy. It is convenient and customer-friendly.

If you still have any concerns, the efficient customer service representatives of the airline are just a call away.

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