Gone are the days when you had to cut all the ties when flying in the air. Now is the time when you can stay in touch with your family and friends on the ground and get up-to-date information about what’s happening down there. Most airlines have now installed WiFi on their flights, and Spirit is no different.

The next time you fly on this ultra-low-cost airline, you’ll be able to enjoy a stable internet connection on the flight that keeps you connected throughout the journey. Curious to know more about Spirit Airlines WiFi? Here’s everything you should know about the airline’s state-of-the-art internet services.

Spirit Airlines WiFi - What You Should Know?

Spirit Airlines has finally completed the installation of High-Speed inflight WiFi on its aircraft, thus allowing travelers to enjoy every inch of their journey. The airline partnered with inflight connectivity solution Thales to provide travelers with fast video streaming capabilities.

Scroll down and find the essential information about Spirit Airlines' internet services.

  • The WiFi on Spirit Airlines offers gate-to-gate connectivity, which allows you to connect to WiFi the moment you get onboard.
  • The connection continues until you arrive at your destination, thus giving you more time to stream your favorite shows or book a cab before landing to save time.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with the airline’s internet services, you can submit a request with Spirit Airlines and seek a refund. Fill out the form at the website’s contact us section, and see if you are eligible for the process.
  • Spirit Airlines Internet services use the SES-17 Satellite System that provides excellent coverage across the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean with fast and reliable service.

How to Connect to Spirit WiFi?

Here’s how to connect to Spirit WiFi. Stick to the instructions below and establish a secure connection between the airline’s WiFi and your device. Let’s get started.

Enable Airplane Mode

  • First thing first. All travelers must enable the Airplane mode as soon as they board the flight.

Turn on your Device’s WiFi

  • Android users can enable their WiFi using the Notification Panel.
  • The next step is to enable your device’s WiFi. If you have an iPhone, swipe up to open the Control Center and click the WiFi icon to get started. 

Locate the Spirit WiFi and Connect

  • If you have a smartphone, scan the QR code stick on the back of the seat or tray table in front of you. Alternatively, you can also find the Spirit WiFi QR code on the back of the Spirit A La Smarte menu and proceed further to connect.
  • Once you enable the WiFi, go to the Settings tab and locate “Spirit_WiFi” from the list of Networks.

Join Spirit WiFi

  • If the site doesn’t load automatically, consider entering the URL manually in the address bar.
  • Once you locate the airline’s network, it’s time to establish a connection. As soon as you click the Spirit_WiFi tab, you will be automatically directed to SpiritWiFi.com.

Choose the Plan

  • Pick the plan wisely to get started, and enter the payment details or Spirit WiFi Voucher Code to purchase services. Once done, you are ready to join the WiFi and embark on the entertainment journey.

What are the Different Plans Available for Spirit InFlight WiFi?

Now that you know how to connect to Spirit WiFi, it’s time to outline the available plans and pricing so you can make the right choice. The airline offers multiple options to choose from, and you should pick the one that caters to your requirements well. Let’s have a look.


  • It starts at $3.99 and is helpful to browse the web and stay connected with others via chat, social media, and email. If you want an internet connection to scroll your social media platform and to browse the internet, consider the Spirit WiFi Browsing plan and purchase it before boarding the flight.
  • This plan is ideal for those looking to browse or surf the internet when flying in the air. 


  • Isn’t browsing enough to keep you occupied in the air? Turn to the Spirit’s Streaming plan, and don’t miss any episode of your favorite TV show. 
  • How much does the Spirit WiFi Streaming Plan cost? The plan begins at $6.99 and offers 20x faster speed than the Browsing option. 
  • It’s fast enough to stream your favorite movies, shows, and games without any lag or buffering. So, why wait? Opt for the Spirit Streaming WiFi plan and get the airlines booking done with ease.

What are the Benefits of Connecting to Spirit Airlines WiFi?

Spending $3.99 (browsing plan) or $6.99 (Streaming Plan) per device for one leg of the journey can be expensive. Therefore, travelers are often confused when purchasing the Spirit in flight WiFi and wonder if it is worth the dollars.

Hence, our experts have mapped out a few benefits of shelling out those extra bucks when flying with Spirit Airlines. Scroll through them and decide if you should purchase the internet services or not.

1. In-Flight Entertainment

The first and foremost benefit of purchasing the internet on Spirit Airlines is to enjoy the in-flight entertainment. The WiFi services help travelers stream their favorite shows, get connected to their family and friends via WiFi, and browse the internet.

2. Check the Current Flight Status

You can also check the flight progress using the internet connection. Explore activities at your destination, and book accommodation before landing. Apart from this, you can also use WiFi services to book your next trip or join the airline’s loyalty program. So, why wait? Purchase Spirit WiFi plans now and connect to the best-in-class internet service.

Wrapping Up

The aviation industry is changing fast, and all airlines now push their boundaries to offer an unmatched flying experience to travelers. Spirit Airlines WiFi is launched with the motto to keep you connected throughout the journey and thus offers excellent speed and connectivity.

So, what’s restricting you now? Pick the best WiFi plan now, and take ultra-low fare air travel experience to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase a WiFi plan that works across multiple devices?

No. The airline doesn’t offer multi-device plan services yet; hence, travelers must purchase a separate plan for different devices.

How do you purchase WiFi onboard?

You can use standard credit card payment options, Google Pay, and Apple Pay to purchase the internet on the Spirit Airlines flight.

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