Are you an active military member looking to save extra bucks when flying with Spirit Airlines? Well then, you are in luck, as Spirit offers special benefits to praise the bravery and selfless services of military members.

While the airline won’t offer any monetary discounts for military personnel, it still offers a few advantages that make your journey budget-friendly. Check all the details of Spirit Airlines military benefits here and use them when traveling with this ultra-low-cost air carrier. Read on to find more.

Does Spirit Airlines Offer Military Discounts?

Spirit Airlines doesn’t offer a special military discount; however, it pays respects to veterans and active military personnel by offering other special benefits. The airline allows military travelers to bring two free checked bags, which further helps them save money.

If the military member has already paid for their checked baggage at the time of booking, the airline will refund the amount to their original form of payment at the ticket counter.

Since Spirit Airlines is already a low-cost carrier, it cannot offer further discounts on flight tickets. However, it strives to keep the fares low for military personnel by allowing them to carry two free checked bags.

How to Get Military Benefits with Spirit Airlines?

Since the airline doesn’t offer special military discounts, military members are suggested to arrive early at the airport and show their IDs at the counter to get the baggage advantage. Here’s how.

  • Start by visiting Spirit Airlines’ official site.
  • Follow the standard booking process on the homepage.
  • Add bags and other extras to your bookings.
  • Once you are done choosing your flight and making payments, validate your affiliation online at the time of booking using ID.ME, a third-party verification service.
  • Simply click the “Verify” button during checkout to validate your status.
  • Validating your status will surely save you time at the airport.
  • Once your status gets verified, you can claim the baggage benefit and save bucks.

If you have no idea about Spirit Airlines military benefits and have already paid for the baggage at the time of booking, don’t worry. Visit the origin airport early and request a refund at the ticket counter by showing your Military ID card. The airline’s professional will immediately refund your mind in the original form of payment.

What is Spirit Airlines Military Baggage Policy?

Spirit Airlines is one of the few US carriers that pays respect to active and veteran military members for their bravery and services. While Spirit won’t offer any discounted rates or deals on military flight tickets, it rather allows them to bring free bags to trim the extra expenses.

Here are the details.

  • The airline offers two free checked bags and a free carry-on to all active-duty military members traveling on Spirit.
  • In addition, military personnel can bring a personal item free of cost.
  • Be mindful that the Spirit Airlines Military Bags benefit is available for the active-duty military personnel only, and not for their family and loved ones.
  • Military members must add the bags online either during booking or check-in.
  • Note that military bags cannot be added at the Spirit Airlines ticket counter.

Does Spirit Airlines Offer Any Discounts for Wounded Warriors?

To your surprise, Yes. Spirit Airlines has huge respect for wounded warriors and their families, and therefore, it schedules hundreds of free flights for soldiers who have been wounded in battle. Let’s compile more details about such flights here.

  • Spirit Airlines provides free flights to wounded warriors and their families via its partnership with Luke’s Wings.
  • This service is often offered during the service member’s hospitalization and rehabilitation.
  • Family members must contact Spirt Customer Service directly to book such flights and receive complete assistance.

Summing Up

That’s all about Spirit Airlines military discounts and benefits. The airline honors active military members by offering two free checked bags and one free carry-on luggage. Be mindful that the military member must add bags online during booking or at the time of check-in and verify their identity using the third-party verification system, ID.ME. Do you need more assistance with military bags and discounts? Please contact the airline’s customer support desk to seek help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spirit Airlines offer discounts for US Military children?

No. Spirit Airlines already offers discounted flight tickets to keep your travel expenses low; therefore, it doesn’t offer any special discounts for military students or children.

Does Spirit Airlines schedule honor flights?

While Spirit doesn’t schedule honor flights, it is partnered with Honor Flight of South Florida to pay respect to military members who have served the country selflessly.

Who’s eligible for Spirit Airlines Military Baggage Policy?

Only active-duty Military members are eligible for a free bag when flying on Spirit Airlines. This policy is not applicable to their loved ones or family members.

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