Is this your first trip with an infant, and you have no idea about the general terms and conditions? This guide has compiled all the key highlights of Spirit Infant Policy to make your baby’s first trip stress-free.

While the airline welcomes infants with open arms, it has a few rules and regulations you must follow. So, put your thoughts to rest and face reality with this guide. As long as you meet the Spirit requirements, your infant can enjoy an effortless flying experience. Shall we begin?

Does Spirit Airlines Allow Infants On Board?

Sure, why not!! Spirit Airlines welcomes all kinds of passengers on board, regardless of their age. So, if you are flying with your baby for the first time, Spirit may be the best travel companion.

However, before you make bookings, it’s advised to check all the details of Spirit Airlines Lap Infant Policy. Get answers to the most-asked questions, like how much it costs to carry a lap infant or whether I should make separate bookings for infants and make bookings accordingly.

Spirit Infant Policy - The Key Terms and Conditions

Have you made Spirit Airlines Bookings and are flying with infants? Please have a closer look at the airline’s infant policy to avoid any unpleasant surprises at the airport or above the clouds. The details are listed here.

  • The child must be at least seven days old and younger than two years to be considered as an infant on Spirit Airlines.
  • Infants can complete their Spirit journey by sitting on your lap for free.
  • You don’t have to make separate Spirit Airlines Bookings for infants.
  • If your kid turns two between your outbound and return flight, then you must purchase a seat for them for the return trip.
  • The airline has a right to request documented proof of the child’s age. So, be ready to offer the following documents upon request.
  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • A lap child must be accompanied by an adult of 15 years or older to travel on Spirit Airlines.
  • Only one lap child is allowed per guest. If you are flying two or more infants, please purchase a separate seat for them.
  • Those flying with infants cannot sit on emergency exit row seats for safety reasons.
  • Spirit Airlines won’t allow children in the car seat to occupy a seat with an inflatable seatbelt.
  • While you don’t have to purchase a separate ticket for your infant, taxes and other fees may apply, depending on the destination.

How to Make Spirit Airlines Bookings for a Lap Child?

Wondering how to make Spirit bookings when traveling with infant? Passengers can easily add infants to their itinerary either online or offline reservation channels. Let’s compile the details here.


  • Navigate to the Spirit official site.
  • Go to the Flight tab.
  • Select your trip type.
  • In the adult section, tap the drop-down menu and add the total number of adults and children.
  • As soon as you add the children, a pop-up appears where you must enter their Date of Birth.
  • Once done, select your trip itinerary and enter the schedule.
  • Click Search Flights.
  • Make a suitable choice and follow the on-screen prompts to make a Spirit Airlines booking for a child.


  • In addition to the official site, you can book Spirit flights over a call.
  • Start by using the Spirit Airlines customer service number +1-856-545-5988.
  • Follow the commands to connect to the booking expert.
  • Discuss your itinerary and let them know about the inclusion of an infant in your bookings.
  • The professional will then ask for your infant’s date of birth and find a suitable flight option for you.
  • Provide them with further details, and get the bookings done.

Please Note: Whether you book flights online or offline, ensure you’ve read all the terms and conditions of Spirit Airlines Baby Policy to avoid any hassle later.

Traveling with Strollers & Car Seats? Check the Guidelines Here

Do you want to add a stroller or car seat to your reservations? In such cases, please check the key highlights of the Spirit Airlines Stroller Policy and take further action accordingly. Read the details here.

  • The airline allows one stroller and one car seat per child at no additional cost.
  • You can check the stroller or car seat at the ticket counter.
  • As per the Spirit Car Seat Policy, passengers can only bring an FAA-approved child restraint system (car seat) or child harness device.
  • Be mindful that you must purchase a separate seat for the child to bring a car seat on board.
  • According to the Spirit Stroller Policy, passengers can check a double stroller to accommodate two children.
  • Car seats may not fit in seats equipped with inflatable belts. Therefore, children with car seats may not occupy such exit row seats or those with inflatable seat belts.
  • The rear-facing child restraint system must not be more than 25” inches in height, as per the Spirit Airlines Child Seat Policy.

For any additional information about the stroller or car seat, passengers must use the airline’s Let’s Chat button and get further assistance.

Can I Bring a Diaper Bag on Spirit Flights When Flying With Infants?

Sure, you can. Spirit Airlines understands the needs of passengers traveling with infants and allows them to bring a separate diaper bag on board. Here are further details about Spirit Airlines Infant Baggage Policy.

  • Guests traveling with infants under two years can bring a diaper bag for free.
  • The diaper bag won’t be counted toward the personal and carry-on items.
  • When flying on Spirit Airlines, make sure that the diaper bag size is within the personal item (18 X 14 X 8 inches) or carry-on (22 X 18 X 10 inches) size limits.

Do Babies Fly Free on Spirit Airlines Flights?

Do babies fly free on Spirit - It is the most asked question, especially if you are traveling with infants for the very first time. So, the answer is YES. Spirit Airlines never charges additional charges from parents as long as the infant is traveling the entire journey on their lap.

But while you don’t have to make extra bookings for your infants, you might have to pay taxes and fees, depending on the destination. So, if you are a new parent flying on Spirit with a baby, it’s best to contact the airline’s support team and ask if your infant can travel for free.

Summing Up

Flying with infants can be stress-inducing for new parents. But not anymore, as Spirit Airlines offers a simple policy to make your traveling easier and stress-free. Read all the terms and conditions included in the Spirit Infant Policy beforehand and say goodbye to unnecessary surprises. If you need more assistance with the infant travel process, connect to the customer support desk and get help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spirit Airlines allow passengers to bring collapsible cribs?

Yes. But you must check Collapsible Cribs and similar items as part of the checked baggage allowance.

Does Spirit Airlines allow two strollers on their flights?

No. However, you can check a double stroller instead to accommodate two children.

Can I fly with a 6-day-old infant?

No. Spirit only allows infants at least seven days old to board the flight

Which rows are equipped with inflatable seat belts on Airbus A319?

On Airbus A319, Seat Rows 1, 4, and 5 (D, E, F) are equipped with inflatable seat belts.

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