With Spirit Airlines, you can travel at cheap flight fares. Moreover, the airline offers you paid memberships and assures of exclusive deals and discounts. Here comes the Spirit Airlines Saver$ club membership, which allows you to get great discounts and several benefits. Thereby, making your flight trips much more affordable.

With this club, Spirit is attracting its passengers to turn into loyal travelers and maximize their trips with their airline. So, how will this club membership contribute to your flight bookings? Will you get any other benefits with this program? Well, let’s find out in the account that follows.

What is the Spirit Airlines Saver$ Club?

Do you want exclusive discounts for your flight bookings? Join the Spirit Saver$ club, which is a membership program and offers you huge discounts. You can use the cost of enrollment in a booking. Moreover, the members of Saver$ Club can use the discounts to purchase tickets for up to 8 people on your booking. 

How to Join the Spirit Saver$ Club?

Do you want to get the Savers club membership to avail of exciting flight fares on Spirit Airlines?

Choose a simple approach. Join the Saver$ club of the airline and save more to fly more.  All you have to do is to visit the official website of Spirit Airlines and fill out an online form.

To join the club, you can choose from three membership options -

  • 12 months
  • 18 months
  • 24 months

Grab the best deals and great fares to get the most savings on baggage, seats, and much more. When you fly on a Spirit Airlines flight, you can be at the advantage of exclusive fares that help you cut the travel costs significantly.

What is the Spirit Savers Club Cost?

You have made up your mind to get a membership of the savers club by Spirit Airlines. Now, you are eager to know the Spirit Savers club cost to proceed with the joining. So, here you go.

Spirit Airline Savers Membership Choices

Pay only $69.95 to get this Saver$ membership. You can select from three options that are - 

  • 12 Month Membership - $69.95
  • 18 Month Membership - $99.90 (Save $5)
  • 24 Month Membership - $129.90 (Save $10)

The airline renews your membership automatically for 12 months every year. By doing so, Spirit makes sure that you keep on saving. However, you can decide to cancel your membership whenever you want to.

Please note
  • You get the lowest prices guaranteed with Spirit Saver$ Club.
  • Save an average of $160 per year.
  • Pay monthly or get your membership at just $69.95.

So, wait no more. Visit Spirit Airlines official website and sign up for the Savers club today!

What are the Spirit Saver$ Club Benefits?

Are you wondering about the benefits that you will get with Saver$ club for Spirit Airlines trips? Here, take a quick look at the advantages that you get with this club membership - 

  • Exclusive lowest fares
  • Discounts on bags, seats, and other options such as -
    • Shortcut security
    • Shortcut boarding
    • Flight flex
  • Special deals only for the Saver$ Club members
Please note
  • Members of the Spirit club Saver are sent a reminder for their membership renewal before a month. Only after sending you this notification, the airline deducts the amount from your credit card on file.
  • Moreover, Spirit Airlines also updates you about your savings and benefits with the club membership.

So, enjoy more savings with this program. And more savings means that you can fly more!

How to Use a Spirit Saver$ Club Membership?

You have joined the club membership of this saving program by Spirit. Now, you want to use your membership to reap the benefits that it offers.

So let’s see how you can make the most of your Spirit Airline Savers club membership.

  • Book your tickets online and save big on flight fares.
  • When you search for a suitable flight on the website of Spirit Airlines, check the price calendar. It displays the Saver$ Club options of prices available on your preferred travel dates.
  • Save on standard bag prices whenever you purchase bags online.
Please note
  • You can find choices and savings of this club only through the website of Spirit Airlines.
  • The airline’s agents at the booking and airport don’t have access to these discounts. So, book online while using these.

How to Renew Your Membership with Spirit Saver$ Club?

If you want to renew your Spirit Savers club membership, keep the following points in mind:

  • Your annual membership fee is automatically renewed after 12 months and you get access to the best deals.
  • The billing date may change if the airline can’t charge your card because of technical failures or Federal holidays.
  • To change your credit card on file -
    • Login to your account
    • Update it in the Personal Information section

Bottom Line

To wrap it up, know that you are at numerous benefits with the Savers club by Spirit. Get its membership online and enjoy enrollment to cost-effective ways to fly. Once you have joined,

Spirit Airlines Saver$ club, book your tickets as the Primary Passenger.

To redeem your membership benefits, list yourself as a Primary Passenger, especially if you are booking for anyone else. Join the club at your chosen membership type. So, don’t wait anymore. Become a member of this saver club and experience the exclusive benefits.

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