You were all set to catch your upcoming flight with Spirit Airlines but something occurred and you missed your flight. Left puzzled? Don’t be. Go through the Spirit airlines missed flight policy to know what to expect and do in such a situation. Since missing flights are something common, Spirit has devised a smart and customer-friendly policy regarding missed flights and getting refunds.

With these policies, you are guided at every step after you have missed your flight. However, make sure that you are not in the category of no-show to make the best use of these policies. So, go through the account below and know how Spirit Airlines help you to keep up your spirits when you miss your flight with it.

What is Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

Have you missed your flight with Spirit Airlines? And are feeling low as your travel plans went south and so is your ticket. No worries, Spirit Airlines missed flight policy will help you know what to expect if you have missed your flight with the airline.

  • If your flight is missed because of an error by the airline, the next Spirit flight will accommodate you.
  • Count on the Spirit’s customer service staff and officials at the airport. You can also look up to its official website after missing your flight.
  • The airline refunds you as travel credits to use for the next flight ticket booking.
  • If weather disruptions have resulted in your missed flight, the airline provides you special assistance and compensation.

To know more about Spirit airlines missed flight, contact a customer service representative.

How Much is the Fee for Spirit Missed Flight?

After you have missed your Spirit flight, you want to know if you have to pay a fee for it. And if yes, what is the amount the airline levies on you. To assist you, here are the major points about the same.

  • You have to shell out an amount of $200 as a missed flight fee for Spirit to reschedule a new one.
  • However, you can count on its missed flight policy to check if you can be exempted from paying the fee.

Please note

Travel destination and flight ticket fares determine the Spirit missed flight fee and varies accordingly.

Can I Get a Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Refund?

Frequent flyers with Spirit Airlines who have missed their flight with the airline, not only the missed flight policy will help you but you have the cover of its refund also.

The policy determines if you are eligible to get a refund after missing your flight. It depends on various factors such as reason to miss the flight (on your behalf or the flight’s), natural calamity, and weather disruptions. So, let’s see if you can get a Spirit Airlines missed flight refund or not. For this, we will look into its refund policy.

What is the Spirit Missed Flight Refund Policy?

So, you couldn’t board your flight in time and it has taken off without having you onboard. Now, you are left with disrupted travel plans, low spirits, and of course, money lost on the flight tickets. Now what? Will you get a refund?

Let’s find out through its refund policy. Here are the highlights of this policy - 

  • If you are a premium member or are a frequent traveler with the airline and have missed a flight on Spirit, you are eligible to get a full refund.
  • Non-refundable flight tickets don’t get a refund.
  • If an unfortunate situation such as a death in the family or a serious health issue has caused you to miss your flight, you can apply for a refund on your ticket.
    • Submit valid proofs like a health certificate to claim a refund from the airline.
  • Sometimes, you can miss your flight, which is scheduled on a regular basis and not yet taken. In such a case, Spirit can give you a  credit coupon as its refund for your missed flight.

Can I Rebook My Missed Spirit Flight?

Are you wondering that after I have missed my Spirit flight, what do I do? Simple, you can rebook your flight whether online or offline, as per your convenience.

  • To book your flight online, visit the official website of Spirit airlines, follow the prompts, and rebook your flight tickets.
  • Call a customer service executive to rebook a flight for you.

For further assistance, contact the Spiritflighthub, where smart customer service executives are always there to assist you.

To be precise, you can be worry-free after missing your flight, thanks to Spirit airlines missed flight policy that keeps things simple and clear. If you need further assistance, look up to its customer service representatives at 855-728-3555. The experts are prompt and assist you with efficient services.

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