Missing baggage during a journey is common. However, it is troublesome as you carry important stuff like IDs, debit/credit cards, etc. But Spirit Airlines takes care to help you find the luggage. Thanks to Spirit Airlines lost and found service, you can be assured of getting your belongings back.

There are instances when the airline compensates you for the luggage. And this concise Spirit guide on lost and found helps you when your luggage is mishandled during the trip.

Do Spirit Airlines Have a Lost and Found Department?

Yes, Spirit has a dedicated department to help its passengers who forget/lose their items while traveling with the airline. With the Department of Lost and Found on Spirit Airlines, you can be worry-free if somehow you miss anything during your Spirit trip.

Understanding how troublesome it is to miss your important items during a journey, the airline has stepped up to assist its travelers with its lost and found service. Let’s know more about it.

What is Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Policy?

The airline understands that passengers can unintentionally leave their luggage or items behind. That’s why it has devised a policy that helps them approach Spirit Air to inform it about the same.

From the lost luggage location to finding it or compensation request, the policy is thoughtfully designed to include most aspects. Here are its highlights -

  • With Spirit Airlines lost and found policy, travelers can find their missing/lost items after completing their journey with the airline.
  • The policy determines the mediums through which the airline helps find the missing baggage/items.
  • Before claiming for lost items, ensure if those are missing or delayed.

What to Do If My Baggage is Lost on a Spirit Flight?

Determine the possible location where you lost your belongings. Apart from losing luggage on the flight, the locations to consider include -

  • The airport premises
  • Places like lounge at the airport
  • At the security check

How to Report a Lost Item to Spirit Airlines?

When travelers lose their belongings, Spirit lost baggage policy helps them. You can report your missing items to the Spirit lost and found department in the following ways -

Online Form Submission

  • Visit www.spirit.com/bagclaim.
  • Enter your last name and File ID.
  • Tap on - Create Online Claim.
  • Fill in the information required.
  • Attach documents such as:
    • Lost items/baggage purchase proof
    • A government-approved photo ID
  • Click on the Submit button.

Some domestic airport locations offer a virtual Baggage Service Office, available from a mobile device. Select the Need Help option for assistance.

Please note

  • The airline agents issue you a File ID after you report for the lost item.
  • Before the form submission, report for the lost things at the airport within -
    • 4 hours post arrival (domestic)
    • 21 days when traveling internationally

On Phone Call

  • Dial Spirit Airlines lost and found phone number, which is 1-855-728-3555 or +1-856-545-5988.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR instructions.
  • When connected to a live customer service executive, convey your concern about the item lost.
  • Share the details required.
  • Get a reference number for the complaint. Use it when locating the item.

You can also text the airline at 48763 or send a WhatsApp message to 855-728-3555. Facilitating you to track your missing luggage, Spirit has a specific lost baggage phone number for various areas or airports.

Filing a Report

  • Visit the Lost and Found page of Spirit on its official website.
  • Select one of the following tabs:
    • My Item was Checked
    • My Item was Unchecked
  • The first tab selection takes you to another page of Spirit Air. Follow the prompts to proceed.
  • If you select the second tab, the option of File a Report pops up. Click on it and proceed as per the prompts.

Connect with Airport

Connect with the airport lost and found terminal with which you were traveling. They have baggage service offices (BSO) for misplaced items’ complaints.

Please Note

  • Items can be found in 30 days and send to the original owner.
  • Baggage search depends on various factors like your location, the time of the request, etc.

What is Spirit Compensation for a Lost Baggage?

To know about the compensation that the airline offers on a baggage lost/delayed/damaged per traveler, go through the following pointers -

  • For domestic flights - USD 3,800
  • On international Spirit flights, you can proceed with a baggage claim for compensation. However, it is subject to -

Warsaw Convention

  • USD 400 for unchecked bag
  • USD 9.07 per lb for a checked baggage

Montreal Convention

SDR 1,288 (checked baggage)

Please note

  • The above mentioned (international) compensation is provided unless you pay extra and the bag weight is mentioned on the baggage claim check.
  • Compensation might vary. Contact a customer service representative for updated prices.

In Conclusion

Therefore, Spirit Airlines lost and found services have the intent to find the missing property and send it to its rightful owner. Count on its approaches to file your report as convenient and in all likelihood, you can have your luggage back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Spirit search for a lost item?

After you file a lost item report, Spirit searches for it for nearly 30 days.

How does Spirit inform me if my item is found?

Once your item is found, Spirit emails or calls you to verify the owner and arranges for its delivery.

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