With a forward-thinking mindset and enduring revolutionary spirit, Boston attracts visitors from faraway lands. But while this wicked town holds the history of America’s colonial and Revolution era, Boston doesn’t linger in the past. Why wait? Book Spirit Flights to Boston now and enjoy a well-rounded trip integrating the classic with the contemporary.

Spirit is an ultra-low-cost air carrier, giving its competitors tough competition. While the airline continues to make news by charging fees for every service, it still keeps its published fares low to attract budget travelers. So, don’t look further. Purchase Spirit flight tickets now and fly to this historic city without hitting your budget.

Does Spirit offer Direct Flights to Boston?

Spirit Airlines offers direct flights to Boston from particular cities. Since the availability of direct flights depends on the route, it’s always advised to visit the airline’s official site and check specific airports from where Spirit schedules direct flights to Beantown.

Some of the popular routes on which you can easily find direct flights to Boston are as follows.

  • San Juan to Boston
  • Orlando to Boston
  • Atlanta to Boston
  • Fort Lauderdale to Boston
  • Myrtle Beach to Boston
  • Tampa to Boston
  • Port-au-Prince to Boston
  • Los Angeles to Boston
  • Charlotte to Boston
  • Tegucigalpa to Boston

Which Airport Does Spirit Airlines Fly to Boston?

Spirit flights to Boston land at General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport. Commonly known as Boston Logan or simply Logan, this international airport is located in East Boston and partially in Winthrop, Massachusetts.

It is named after a war hero, General Edward Lawrence Logan. The airport is spread across 2,384 acres of land and features six runways to handle the passengers. Spirit Airlines mostly operates from Terminal B at BOS; however, it’s advised to check the exact information from the airport ticket counter to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Lowest Offers on Spirit Airlines Flights to Boston

Despite being a low-cost flag carrier, Spirit Airlines offers plenty of deals and discounts when flying to Boston. However, these lower offers are available for a limited time and are subject to change at any point in time. Here’s a quick rundown of the latest deals available on Spirit Airlines Boston flights. Scroll down and have a closer look.

San Juan to Boston
  • Fares start from $94 or from $9/mo
  • Flight departs on 02/22/2024
  • One Way/ Economy
Orlando to Boston
  • Fares start from $39 or from $4/mo
  • Flight departs on 02/03/2024
  • One Way/ Economy
Atlanta to Boston
  • Fares start from $50 or from $5/mo
  • Flight departs on 02/10/2024
  • One Way/ Economy
Fort Lauderdale to Boston
  • Fares start from $36 or from $4/mo
  • Flight departs on 01/31/2024
  • One Way/ Economy
Myrtle Beach to Boston
  • Fares start from $43 or from $4/mo
  • Flight departs on 03/01/2024
  • One Way/ Economy

Note: Please note that these fares are applicable at the time of writing and are subject to change at any point in time. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended to check their availability on the official site before making flight bookings. Also, additional terms and conditions may apply. Don’t wait, and book Spirit flights to Boston today, before these offers fade away.

What is the Best Time to Visit Boston?

While Boston is a year-round destination, the best time to explore the majestic charm of this historic city is from June to October. These summer months allow tourists to enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor adventures.

However, be mindful that it is also one of the most expensive times to visit Boston. Hence, it’s advised to consider Spirit Airlines and book an affordable flight to Boston, regardless of the season.  Springtime (between March and May) is also beautiful in Boston, and you can expect to score decent deals on both flights and accommodations.

How to Book Spirit Flights to Boston?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to take a step further and book your upcoming Boston journey with Spirit. The airline lets you purchase tickets either via the official website or over the phone. Let’s outline these booking methods in detail so you can pick a suitable option.

Official Website

  • Open the official Spirit Airlines Site and go to the Flight tab.
  • Select your trip type and pick the total number of adults included in the journey.
  • Enter your itinerary details in the From and To fields.
  • Select the travel dates and click “Search Flights” to find the available options.

Alternatively, you can directly visit the flights to Boston link on the Spirit Airlines website and find the lowest offers on direct routes.

Over the Phone

  • If you fail to book flights online or prefer traditional calling methods to purchase tickets, dial the airline’s toll-free number on your preferred device.
  • Connect to the IVR and select the appropriate option to reach the Spirit Airlines Customer Service agent.
  • Discuss your trip dates and route with the assigned professional and let them handle the further booking process.

The Top 5 Boston Attractions to Explore

Boston offers travelers endless reasons to visit. From Beacon Hill to gracious mansions, this city has everything to keep you spellbound. Are you flying to Boston for the very first time and wondering what to add to your itinerary? Scroll down and find the top 5 Boston attractions you cannot afford to miss. Let’s check them out.

Museum of Fine Arts

Being one of the oldest cities in the country, Boston has no shortage of museums and historic sites. The Museum of Fine Arts boasts around 450,000 collections of artwork, making it one of the most comprehensive museums in the world.

It is also the fifth-largest museum in the USA, thus attracting art lovers from far and wide. It consists of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including jewelry, sculptures, and sarcophagi. Are you an art lover? Wait no more and make Spirit Airlines booking now to explore North American art and paintings.

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

Sounds weird? Indeed, it is one of the unique attractions to explore in Boston. Located on the Congress Street Bridge, this floating museum houses various types of historic artifacts. It depicts the lifestyle of people who led the American Revolution around 230 years ago.

In addition to artifacts, visitors here can enjoy a series of events to learn about the revolution in a better way.

Boston Public Garden

Not a museum person? Don’t worry, and head to the Boston Public Garden to shake hands with nature. This huge park is located in the heart of Boston and is referred to as the first public botanical garden in America.

Visitors here can find various types of rich and unusual plants along with the Lagoons and monuments. The park department maintains the trees in the best possible way, thus attracting nature lovers from far and wide.

Quincy Market

It’s time to pamper the shopaholic inside you. Quincy Market is one of the unmissable Boston attractions. This place is lined up with seventeen restaurants and bars. In addition, it houses various street artists who come and dance with you for entertainment.

Add Quincy Market to your Boston itinerary and get a chance to enjoy the symphonic concert. Don’t forget to explore the shopping options when visiting here.

The New England Aquarium

Last but not least is the New England Aquarium. It is a global leader in ocean exploration and marine conservation. This place boasts three different species of penguins and various types of rare fish, thus attracting kids, adults, and elderly people alike.

Moreover, The New England Aquarium has various educators who always answer your queries and make your visit worthwhile.

Summing Up

Boston is popularly known as the city of innovations. From housing the country’s first university to a movement of independence, this city has everything to entice travelers worldwide. Are you eager to witness the beauty of new and old times without draining your bank balance? Book Spirit flights to Boston now and get a break from your chaotic lifestyle.


Does Spirit Airlines have a lounge at Logan International Airport?

No. The airline is a low-cost carrier and doesn’t operate lounges at any airport, including Boston Logan.

When can you book cheap flights to Boston?

Book Spirit flights to Boston during winter months, between November and February, to keep the expenses low. It is the best time to score attractive deals on flights and accommodations.

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